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The New Phoenix alarm fully flexible system

Phoenix Alarm

  • This fully flexible wireless alarm can be used with up to 40 wireless sensors.

  • Easy to use and has the additional feature of being able to ring your phone if an alarm is activated, so you can hear what is happening in your home.

  • Set or unset your alarm with your phone or use the key.

  • For extra ease add a small transmitter or digit pad to set or unset the alarm

  • Your Phoenix will record the alarm status and give a full history of any activations.

  • External monitoring can be added for 24hrs - 7 days a week cover.

We import this system and pass on the savings to you!

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Phoenix Alarm compatible sensors and products

infrared sensor
  • New style passive infrared (PIR) sensor which will scan a 15 meter area.

  • Fresnal lens for high detection and immune to white light

  • Supplied with a 3 volt lithium battery for long battery life.

  • Sensor works at an acute look down function.

  • Wireless sensor means no unsightly wiring and will go in most areas.

SMD Technology. PIR sensor for £64.00 each

  • Also available - Dual sensor available for pet friendly homes as it excludes all activations under 25 Kilos.

SMD Technology Dual sensor PIR £75.00 each.

door contact
  • This Innerguard extra small door contact is great for most doors and windows.

  • Small size but large wireless range means it will fit even older windows and doors.

SMD Technology. For only £30.00 each

keychain transmitter
  • This small keychain transmitter will allow you to turn the alarm on and off easily.

  • The transmitter’s long range means you can control the alarm from outside the house.

  • Night or day settings allow you to programme the alarm from your bedroom.

  • A third emergency button will enable you to keep a panic alarm at your bedside.

SMD Technology. For only £30.00 each

smoke detector
  • This stylish designed optical wireless smoke detector is sensitive to all types of smoke

  • Built in siren with a 96db output.

  • When activated will give a different alert tone from the alarm panel

  • The 9 volt battery lasts a year.

SMD Technology. For only £40.00 each

digital key pad
115 x 115 x 25 mm
  • This elegant wireless digital key pad can be placed anywhere in the house for easy use.

  • The digit pad can set or unset the alarm in day/ night or emergency settings

  • By closing the door the voltage drain is zero for the 9 volt battery.

  • Battery life is 1 year for normal use.

  • Micro processor controlled SMD technology.

An easy way to control your alarm for only £75.00 each

Sirens for the Phoenix Alarm System


  • Outdoor wireless siren charged by a 230v mains to 12v dc battery.
  • Our Titan unit has a audio output of 110 dB to sound loud and clear when triggered.
  • The siren is housed within an outer polycarbonate outer box and a metal inner cage.
  • Titan can be programmed to make a repeat call to signal the alarm status -similar to your car alarm.
  • Fully protected against unauthorized opening on lower installations such as bungalows or garages.
  • Repeat optical light to give a status signal of the alarm and an illuminated flashing standby signal.
  • Different audio signals for fire or intrusion which can be programmed into the system.

SMD Technology Wireless siren £ 140.00 each

* We can supply a similar flashing dummy box, just like the real one! £35.00 each


  • Outdoor wired siren which is fully compatible within the Phoenix alarm system.
  • Hard wiring to your control panel is a cost effective way of protecting your home
    without compromising your safety or the effectiveness of your system.
  • The Eliminator siren also utilises the same polycarbonate outer body and metal
    inner cage system as our Titan wireless siren, offering similar double skin protection
  • Ideal when installed on single storey buildings or when siren is sited at lower levels.
  • The acoustic output at 1 metre is a powerful 120dB
  • The siren can be set for either 45 seconds 80 seconds or 4 minutes.

Wired siren £ 69.00

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